Good news for pet owners!

Broadview Animal Hospital expanded their practice to Knox Marsh Road in Dover and has been open since late June.

Wendy Munroe

Dr. Christine Davis is a veterinarian and co-owner. She tells

“I’m very proud of this new facility. We’ve worked hard to make this happen. It’s a dream in so many ways.”

I spoke with Wendy Munroe, Practice Service Coordinator, and she said the new location was needed because of the high demand.  Broadview Animal Hospital has been in business for 35 years and the Rochester and Milton locations were simply running out of space!

The new facility is 8,000 square feet and is adhering to covid guidelines.  According to their website, Broadview Animal Hospital is limiting each visit to no more than one adult owner, and masks are required for all clients and staff.

Munroe also told me that they have something called "Fear Free".  That means there are separate entrances for cats, dogs and their reproductive service.  If you've ever brought your cat to the vet and had them freak out when they spotted dogs inside, you'll love this feature!

credit Wendy Munroe
Wendy Munroe

Munroe also said that because of Covid-19, more people have needed services simply due to the amount of people adopting pets from shelters.  Also, with everyone spending more time at home, we definitely notice all the little things going on with our fur babies!

Wnndy Munroe

I think the best part for pet owners is the fact that they are open 7 days a week.  Chances are if you have an emergency with your pet, it won't happen Monday-Friday!  Munroe said they do have Urgent Care by appointment so even if something happens in the middle of the night, Broadview Animal Hospital is there for you.

Two other really cool options are curbside service and telemedicine.  Knowing that an answer to your pet question is just a video call away is definitely reassuring.

So, if you are in the Dover area and aren't sure where to bring your pet, check out Broadview Animal Hospital!

credit Shelly Morton


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