For the 34th time in their history, Original Six rivals Montreal and Boston meet in the playoffs. Let's give you a quick breakdown on what you need to know for tonight's game.

Who Are They Booing

P.K. Subban
Getty Images/Joel Aurbach

That would be P.K. Subban, a monster talent on defense and an even more impressive actor. Lots of players dive and flop, but few do so with quite like Subban. What makes it even more maddening is that he is so talented that there really isn't a need for it to be part of his game. It actually detracts from it. Despite his brother being the Bruins top prospect, he will be booed at every opportunity.

Those Names Rhyme

Thomas Vanek
Getty Images/Claus Anderson

The Canadien's two best offensive threats, Thomas Vanek and Tomas Plekanec, thankfully play on separate lines. Vanek was acquired by Montreal at the trade deadline and has historically enjoyed a great deal of success against the B's. Plekanec is their second line center and is quick. You'll hear a lot about Montreal's speed as compared to Boston's physicality.

The Other Montreal Player to Watch Out For

Max Pacioretty
Getty Images/Richard Wolowicz

Max Pacioretty may be the fastest player on the ice tonight and will "stretch the ice" (you'll that phrase a bunch) with his speed. This could lead to a breakaway or two in both directions, as he may get caught in the offensive zone from time to time leading to opportunities for the Bruins. Daniel Paille returns from injury tonight and his speed for the Bruins will be a welcome counterpunch.

Carey Price is Good, But Not as Good as Rask

Carey Price
Getty Images/Andre Ringuette/Freestyle

A lot will be made of Carey Price winning a gold medal. If you didn't notice, he had Team Canada in front of him. I could have medaled with that team. It should be noted that Price struggled against Tampa, despite the sweep. If he plays like he did then, it spells trouble for the Habs.

Montreal is Fast and they Dive

Team Canada diver
Getty Images/Hannah Peters

Too much will be made of this. Yeah, they're both true-- but you'll tire of hearing about it, oh, halfway through the first period tonight. And you'll be enraged when you witness the latter... So there's your primer on the Bruin's opponent and here's to hoping the Boston makes quick work of them!


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