Our New England Patriots haven't been looking that awesome lately. They beat the Ravens and we love to see that but I think it's safe to say we are not Super Bowl material this year. It's a bummer because it has been so easy to be a Patriots fan for the past decade. Now it's time we separate the true fans from the fair weather fans. Who is sticking by the Patriots side while they stink to high heaven? And who has already bought a Buccs jersey and now roots for Tampa Bay?

We all know that I just pretend to care about football. I watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show and the commercials. And lately I find myself watching the press conferences to see what on earth Cam Newton is going to wear next. That dude takes some fashion risks and you can't knock 'em for it! Actually you can and I'm about to.

I am going channel my best Joan Rivers (may she rest) and play Fashion Police. Join me as we dissect some of the most interesting fashion choices made my our New England Patriots quarterback.

1. The Cooking Pot Hat

It appears Cam was running low on accessories this day.  I guess he went to his kitchen cabinet and grabbed the nearest pot to rock as a hat. After the press conference he cooked mac & cheese in it.

2.The Banana Suit

We're certainly not going to miss Cam in this little number. I do love yellow and I feel like Cam pulls it off with this look. The top hat might be a little too much but then again it's his signature accessory so I respect him for staying on brand.

3. Kentucky Derby Cam

I heard Cam put all his money on Tiz the Law but he's really there for the Mint Juleps.

4. The Dick Tracy Look

The Dick Tracy Look
Getty Images

I feel like Cam is channeling one of my favorite hard boiled detectives from the 90's here. He just needs the yellow suit jacket to complete the look.

5. Pat the Patriot..is that you?

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to dress like your teams patriotic mascot!? Amurrrica. Cam pulls of the revolutionary war garb quite well if you ask me.

How do you feel about Cam's bold fashion choices? Is it too much or just enough? Option three is that you could care less about what he wears. You just want him to play better football. Feel free to go with that option but just know we probably won't be friends.


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