The Boston Bruins quest for the Stanley Cup continues tonight at the TD Garden in Boston against the Carolina Hurricanes. Just eight more wins. Only two other cities in the history of American sports have had three teams win 3 championships all in the same year. I'm talking about the big four, MLB, The NFL, The NBA, and the NHL.

The first time it happened was way back in 1935-1936 when the city of Detroit won all three. This is where the phrase "the city of champions" came from. The Detroit Tigers won the World Series, The Detroit Lions won the NFL championship and the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. And the last time it happened was in 1969 in New York, when the New York Mets won the World Series, the New York Jets won the Super Bowl and the New York Knicks won the NBA Championship.

The city of Boston can become the third city to ever do it. With the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series and The Boston Bruins just eight wins away from winning The NHL championship.

Boston, I think it's time for another Parade! Let's go B's.

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