Do you remember when these plastic discs washed up on the shores of local beaches back in 2011? Well, believe it or not, I found this one on the sidewalk just the other day at Hampton Beach.

It was back in March of 2011 thousands upon thousands of these discs, used at a Hooksett sewage treatment plant began washing up on the beaches of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. At one point, officials had to close beaches in both states.

The discs, which are used to collect bacteria washed out of the Hooksett sewage treatment plant due to an overflow from a rain storm.

I was stunned that four years later, these discs are still washing up along Hampton Beach. However, it did get me to thinking about the countless number of volunteers who give their time to help keeping our NH beaches litter free. So, if you're one of those volunteers, THANK YOU! You've inspired me to join the effort.

Credit Karen Kiley