Candice Bergen, the star of TV's 'Murphy Brown' admits 'I am fat,' and calls herself a 'champion eater.' 

Here's the reason why I love some actresses of a certain age. Many of them are true to themselves and don't give a hoot and half what others think. Candice Bergen is one of those actresses. I for one, am sick and tired of seeing everyone in Hollywood looking like all they dare to eat is kale and quinoa. Get real and eat a burger every once in a while.

Candice, who is 68 years old has written her second memoir, 'A Fine Romance.' It's due out on April 7th.

If you're too young to remember 'Murphy Brown' you missed out on a wonderfully written television show.

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The cast, led beautifully by Candice Bergen had great chemistry. You should check out some clips on YouTube like these gems: