Car Break-ins Culprit is a Bear

A rash of vehicle break-ins have been occurring in Thornton, New Hampshire, recently and the suspect has finally been caught on tape.  No charges will be filed because it’s a bear.

Finally, the bear was caught red-handed on video breaking into a vehicle in Thornton, New Hampshire.

The bear’s preferred targets have been in the area of Mad River Road and Upper Mad River Road, according to


Looking for Food

It’s not like a bear can just walk up to a McDonald’s drive-through and order a burger.  Officials warn that it’s a good idea to keep your car clean and not leave any food in your vehicles.  Make sure you take your empty bags and deposit them safely in a bear-proof trash can because the remnants of your food on the empty bags still smell like food and are very tempting to a bear.

The bear breaking into vehicles is very clever.  It has been even getting into the trunk of some vehicles through the back seats to access food, according to the Globe.

Clever Bear, is it Boo Boo?

The Police Chief of Thornton Ken Miller tells the “We’ve had it where they’ve gotten into vehicles, but not quite like this.  This is unique.”

There is a bear nicknamed Boo Boo that has been seen out and about the South Shore and Plympton in Massachusetts recently.  Could Boo Boo be the culprit?

We may not know.  It’s a good idea to take down your bird feeds and lock up your trash cans.  If there are bears willing to break into cars, we need to take extra precautions.

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