The keying of at least a half dozen cars in a parking lot used by Dover High School students is under investigation by Dover Police.

Dover Police Lt. Scott Pettingill told Seacoast Current the cars were keyed during school hours Thursday and Friday while parked in the fire lot, a parking lot located directly behind the Dover South End Fire Station on Daley Drive. It is designated as additional parking for Dover High School students. One car was keyed in the school's senior lot.

The Special Resource Officers at Dover High School and Middle School are investigating the incidents.

Several other vehicles were also found to be damaged but their owners have not yet contacted police, according to Pettingill.

Jon Kenyon wrote on the (un)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook page that the keying was part of a TicToc challenge.

"Evidently right now, breaking the law in some way is a TikTok challenge….So now it’s cool," Kenyon wrote.

Pettingill said the investigating officers have not yet determined that a social media challenge to be the reason for the vandalism.

Videos of the challenge called "Devious Licks" which encourages teens to post video of themselves committing acts of vandalism while on school property have been banned  because they violate their community guidelines.  But the videos still show up on other platforms.

Pettingill asked anyone with information about these incidents to contact the department at 603-742-4646 or Dover Crimeline at 603-749-6000.

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