Well, if you plan on walking around Boston, you may see a celebrity couple walking around (or even a film set).

Last week, actress and singer Zendaya was seen in Boston, MA, shopping on Newbury Street with her dog.

At first, it was uncertain as to why Zendaya was in Boston. However, according to The Boston Globe, she was in the city filming a new movie called 'Challengers.'

According to 7 News Boston, Zendaya posted an Instagram story about shopping on Newbury Street with her dog to get a new pillow. It seems that her dog was trying to get into a fight with a German Shepherd.

Zendaya has not left Boston just yet, and I am fangirling a little bit. She and her actor boyfriend Tom Holland (best known as Spider-Man in the newer Marvel movies), are now in Boston together and were seen on Sunday.

Now, am I jealous that they are both here and I would love to meet them? Maybe a little bit. However, I know exactly where they are walking around: the streets around Emerson College.

Boylston Street and Tremont Street in Boston used to be my front yard. I am more upset that I couldn't be younger again and back studying at school there to see them walking around.

Yes, I know myself and I would probably skip classes and follow them around until I was told to go away, but still, I would love to meet them both.

The two lovebirds are right in the heart of Boston together, and it leads me to question if Tom Holland may also appear in the upcoming film, since they have been in the newest Spider-Man movies together.

Just know that if you are roaming the streets of Boston this week, you may either run into this celebrity couple or see a bunch of fans running around in the streets.

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