Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for you.

This is our oldest daughter from 4 years ago. She had a thing for Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes. (What girl didn’t at that time?)

We had an ugly sweater party at the house one year, and she made her own. My daughter is way funnier than I ever will be.

She put on it Happy “Shawnukah” and “Harry Christmas.”

Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise


Oh, and yes, that is a full-size water bottle on her head that she wrapped her hair around.

If you’re having a work holiday party, maybe showing up in an ugly sweater can make it fun.

Check out some ideas below.

Have you seen any country stars wearing ugly sweaters recently for the holidays? Do you have a great picture of you in an ugly sweater? We want to see them!

It really is the perfect time to rock an ugly sweater, right?