So, the Coronavirus may be keeping us from going to our favorite shows, but it can’t keep us from bringing you your favorite artists to you.

Virtual WOKQ Sessions, produced by Newburyport Bank, is in full swing and we are bringing one of the hottest up and coming country artists to your living room. That's right, you don't even have to put real pants on! I'm talking about the beautiful and talented, Carly Pearce!

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I remember when I saw Carly open for Jason Aldean at the Bank of NH Pavilion a few Summmers ago. You could tell she was having the time of her life onstage and there was nowhere else she'd rather be. Her song "Hide the Wine" is still one of my all time favorite country songs.

After seeing her marriage with Michael Ray end last year, I wasn't sure what the future would hold for Carly. Divorce is a tough thing to go through, especially when you are in the public eye (plus sprinkle in a global pandemic). But nothing is slowing down this Kentucky bred broad! Instead of sobbing into her wine she poured her emotions into an incredible new album called "29" which is on FIRE, especially her hit single "Next Girl". Carly has killer voice, work ethic, and spirit and we are so happy for all of her success.

Don't miss our live conversation and intimate performance with Carly tonight at 7 pm here!

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