No doubt this has been a chaotic, crazy year!

Now a Dunkin' in Porltand, Maine is going viral for their crazy sign that seems to sum up 2020.

According to Buzzfeed, Jesenia Santana took a picture of the sign outside Dunkin' Donuts in Portland saying "Forest Ave. Dunkin has some weird energy right now."

Check it out!

It does look pretty jumbled and chaotic which is definitely how I'm feeling about 2020 so far.

Other people agreed and it now has over 37,000 retweets.

Buzzfeed shared some of the comments and they are pretty funny!

I asked Santana if she was surprised by all the hoopla:

"Yeah I was not anticipating anyone outside of my immediate friend group to see it 😂 I posted it right before I went into work on Monday and didn�����t check back in until my lunch break. Did not expect it to resonate with so many people but I’m glad it brought some laughter to the week!!"

 This one little Facebook post even made it to an article in the Boston Globe and Yahoo Sports!

Now Dunkin' has gotten involved in the fun:  

Unfortunately, Dunkin' has now taken down the sign!

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