My first job in high school was at nursery. Not the kind with babies, but with flowers! It was called "The Gardener's Spot". My duties included making up answers to my customers' questions about flowers (I was 15! What did I know about Geraniums?). I rang people up at the register and helped them bring their plants to their car. I was also in charge of changing the messages on our sign that we had at the foot of our driveway.

One weekend, we were having a big sale, and I wanted to make sure our customers knew it! However, I was running out of room on the sign. So, I decided to abbreviate the name of the store. People would get the idea! "50% off EVERYTHING in the G Spot", the sign said. My boss pulled me aside and said that someone else was going to be in charge of the changeable sign from here on out. I was pretty crushed.

Speaking of changeable signs....

Bingas in Windam, Maine, has a few claims to fame: their incredible wings, homemade sauces, and down home BBQ & ice cold beverages, just to name a few. But if you follow them on social media, you know that the messages on their changeable restaurant sign are absolutely hilarious. They are always super topical and relatable in that moment of time. I am not sure if there is one comedic mastermind behind these signs or if it is a group effort, but whoever you are, you deserve a promotion!

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