According to, Evelyn Cormier of Claremont, New Hampshire is going to knock the socks off Luke, Lionel and Katie on season 17 of American Idol. Apparently, Evelyn had never watched a single episode of the show but when she heard about the casting call she was like, "Why not?!" Her mom said that hours after her audition she was called back and she was off. She describes it as "BING BANG BOOM!"

Evelyn's love for music sprouted at the ripe age of four when she started playing the violin. She was involved in community theater, became her church's worship leader at 14, and before she turned 17 she already had released her first EP!

Apparently, Evelyn also appeared on the TLC show "90 Day Fiance". This will excite my co-host Bill as I know this show is one of his guilty pleasures. haha!

Evelyn's success is no surprise to anyone who knows her. She seems to have a genuine passion and talent for creating music and a work ethic that will really take her places. Her journey starts tonight on the season premiere of American Idol. Will you be watching?

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