An employee of the restaurant was rushed to a hospital after being exposed to sodium hypochlorite, a powerful cleaning agent Thursday night in Burlington, MA.

Routine cleaning turned tragic at Buffalo Wild Wings of Burlington, Massachusetts. After reportedly breathing in sodium hypochlorite fumes, the man felt nauseated and was rushed to the hospital, where he died shortly afterwards.

Michael Patterson, assistant chief of the Burlington Fire Department, told NBC 10 Boston the restaurant was evacuated at about 6 p.m. for a Tier 1 hazmat incident, and that anyone who was in the building should seek medical assistance. "Anyone who was in the restaurant at the time and believes they may be impacted by the incident should seek medical treatment immediately." While many wondered what was happening, two customers and eight other employees were treated at local hospitals, according to Patterson. Fortunately, they were believed to have not been seriously stricken.

It is believed the worker was using Super 8 on the floor, which has a "high concentration of chlorine."



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