Chio shared today that he is moving back to New Jersey to be with his family. I could never fault him for making this decision. He wants to spend as much time with his children and grandchildren as possible and who the heck could blame him? Family is EVERYTHING.

Selfishly, I can't help but feel a little sad. I have loved my time with Chio on the radio. I got to be on the air with Chio the hitman from Z100 in NYC! Now that's pretty cool!

We have had a lot of laughs

Made some amazing memories, like broadcasting from Universal Studios!

And we got to make a difference in our community

When I am feeling a lot of feelings, I express myself best through poetry. That's not really true but I thought it would be fun to write Chio a farewell poem. So here it is:


I knew Chi and I would be pals from our very first “date”

When he said he couldn’t believe how fast I ate


From that point on we were partners in crime

Taking jabs at each other and having a grand 'ol time


I’d make fun of his weird Walmart shirts

And he’d make fun of how little I know about sports


Chio changes his look a lot, which some might find weird 

But we all really miss the George Clooney beard 


Sometimes his mouth doesn’t work, it is funny and absurd

Shamolie tea and mandarine are just a few of his made up words


I’ll miss my morning hangs with my friend chi

I’ll even miss him making up words to songs and singing off key


Thinking of Chio leaving could bring me to tears 

But what an honor it is to be his final radio partner in 37 years 


Chi, Get home to your family, its time jet

And enjoy all the baby bohdi snuggles you can get


My heart hurts as I write this, I cannot pretend

But I know that no matter what, we will always be friends

BEST OF LUCK, CHIO!! We will all miss you so dearly!

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