The rumors are true! Frozen Margaritas and Queso have been temporarily added to the Chipotle repertoire. And not just Queso, "Genuine Queso". (see menu below)

You can order the queso on your burrito or on its own with a side of chips. And if you really want to enjoy it in all its cheesy splendor, on its own with a side of chips is the way to go.

The general consensus is that it is flavorful, spicy (but not too much heat) but kind of lacks the thickness that you get in your standard queso. But at the end of the day, it's pretty tasty.

As for the margaritas, they have an original and then a non-alcoholic strawberry flavored one.

According to the gals who tested the margs from Buzzfeed, they weren't boozy enough for their liking but were sweet and refreshing so that's nice. And if you can order a Margarita at Chipotle I mean why wouldn't you?

The sad news about all of this is that these hot new items are now only available at a single location in NYC. (booo!) However if these items take off it will only be a matter of time before they are available for all of us burrito loving folks here in Northern New England to enjoy. So FINGERS CROSSED!

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