If you missed the lack of expertise and aggressive commission seeking sales tactics of Circuit City, good news: they're coming back! The return of the chain store nobody was clamoring for appears imminent.

To be fair, this is going to be an entirely new company that is capitalizing on the name recognition that Circuit City has. The business officially went belly up in 2008 (and in reality before that). Eight years following bankruptcy and a couple of business deals later, Engadget reports that the first store is expected to open in Dallas this June. The goal is to have 50-100 corporate owned stores and an additional 100-200 franchised stores shortly thereafter.

Gizmodo said to expect smaller stores with a wide inventory that you can access via a touchscreen-- and their own brand of things like micro-USB cables and Bluetooth speakers. They also plan on selling cell phones and tablets. Take all these together and it sounds more like a cross between Radio Shack and Best Buy.

Here's hoping they bring back this painfully fabulously 90's commercial!