Since I am grown woman knocking on 30's door, this news excites me way more than it should. But I know I am not the only 90's kid who is losing their marbles over this.

Whenever birthdays rolled around or good report cards happened I would consistently ask for one thing: Accessories for my best friend who just so happened to fit in the palm of my hand, POLLY POCKET. I had Polly's dentist office, shopping mall, even her jacuzzi. To say I was obsessed with this choking hazard is an understatement.

And this June, we 90's kids will be able to relive our youths because Polly and her miniature besties are making a comeback. They have revamped her look a little bit but the concept of her bite-sized world is the same.And According to Buzzfeed, she now even has her own limo! Polly must be doing quite well in her old age.

Would it be weird for a grown up to pre-order this toy for themselves? Asking for a friend...

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