At this point, should we just expect it? The Patriots again staged what would normally be considered an unbelievable comeback for the ages, but they've made a habit of making the remarkable seem the routine. Two touchdowns in less than a minute? Amazing, sure, but more impressive than storming back from a 24 point halftime deficit against the powerful Denver Broncos? You could be forgiven if you forgot about the stunning win against the Saints back in October which was clinched with a 70 yard touchdown drive with just five seconds remaining-- a game where many actually did leave early in order to catch the Sox later on that evening. Does that still stand as the best comeback?

That Saints game came the week before Rob Gronkowski returned from his arm injuries which leads us to the bitter pill that accompanied Sunday's win: Gronk's season is reportedly over due to a torn ACL suffered in the third quarter of today's win. He joins Vince Wilfork and Jerrod Mayo as other stars on the shelf. But it just seems if you have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, you have a chance-- even when the scoreboard and the clock seem to say otherwise.

Getty Images Sport/Jim Rogash