Despite warnings from NH Fish & Game about staying off the ice over the weekend because of recent mild temperatures, salvage crews had to pull three cars out of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Tim McDonald of Marine Solutions on the company's Facebook page said that while the lake looked safe with 18 inches of ice, it only takes one weak spot for it to give way.

"There was a pressure ridge that had fallen down. You almost couldn't see it until you were right on top of it. Unfortunately, both of these cars fell through," McDonald said in a video on the company's Facebook page.

The state Department of Environmental Services made sure that oil and gas was completely cleaned from where the vehicles went into the lake.

Car pulled from Lake Winnipesaukee.
Car pulled from Lake Winnipesaukee (Marine Solutions)

Use Caution on the Ice

He echoed the advice of Fish & Game to know your ice, as temperatures warm into the 50s and 60s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"If you're going out on the ice be really, really careful, especially this time of the year. Through the course of today we've watched the ice conditions deteriorate dramatically," McDonald said as he towed a car back to the shoreline, adding that there's also a lot of standing water on the ice.

McDonald told WHDH that recovering a submerged car takes several days of planning including drones to locate it, and divers from DIVE Winnipesaukee to work with a crew on the surface. The cars are usually scrapped.

Warm weather caused the New Hampshire Pond Hockey Classic to be canceled when rain, snow and sleet helped create snow piles, slush, water pockets, cracks, frozen boards, and brackets.

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