It's what everybody is talking about... Coronavirus.

And the first confirmed case in New Hampshire just happened on Monday.

But how do you keep from catching any virus? 

The CDC shows us some steps we can take to prevent coronavirus, but really, they are steps we should all take to stay healthy.  It's some good information just to know.

It breaks it down in a lot of different categories.  What to do at home, work, school, colleges, large gatherings and more.

There are a couple of the workplace tips that I didn't think of that make sense now.   Some companies are not requiring a doctor's note for a respiratory illness as doctor's offices and other medical facilities might be backed up with a larger number of patients.

They might not be able to supply the note in a timely manor.

Think about adjusting the policies for sick leave so employees can stay home and take care of a family member.  They're working hard to get a handle on this, and I'm sure we'll come up with something.

In the meantime, make sure to wash your hands and cover your cough or sneeze!

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