According to WBZ, a distressed scuba diver on short sands beach in York, Maine, was saved by nine strangers who formed a human chain to pull him to shore.

A man from Haverhill, MA, John Antonelli was taking a walk with his wife on the rocks when the noticed the scuba diver in the water and heard his cries for help. The site states that John was getting ready to dive into the water to save the man but he was stopped by a Parks and Recreation employee. It was decided that only one person should go in the water so the employee dove in while John acted as an anchor to help pull the scuba diver in.

As John waded on the edge of the rocks he noticed a group of people lining up behind him. It all happened to fast, John was confused what the people were lining up for! Next comes the remarkable part. These nine strangers formed a human chain and with their strength they helped pull the scuba diver to safety. Social distancing went out the window when it came to saving this scuba divers life.

John told WBZ:

“Not only were they helping that scuba diver get out of the water, but they were also keeping me from falling in. So to everybody that was in that line, I would like to say thank you.”

Oh and the scuba diver? He's doing okay! Paramedics arrived at the scene and treated him and he was released.

Here is the photo of the human chain, captured by a nice lady named Lois Griswold. I don't know about you but this picture gives me the chills:

Lois R. Grilswold
Lois R. Grilswold

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