If you are a parent and have lived on the Seacoast for the past decade, you probably used to take your kids to the Twice the Fun play center on Central Ave in Dover. They had it all: a nice big trampoline, climbing structures, playhouses, a junior-sized basketball court, and so much more. The staff were friendly and attentive. They made sure your event ran smoothly, and even cleaned up your popped balloons and party streamers when the festivities were done.

Our winters in New Hampshire can get a little long, especially if you are a parent with little ones. Children need to run around and burn off energy. Twice the Fun was the perfect place for that.

Seacoast parents felt a pang of sadness back in 2020 when Twice the Fun announced on their Facebook page that they will be unable to reopen due to COVID-19. Being closed for two months with no end in sight made it impossible for them to stay afloat. The owners (who I read are UNH graduates) were grateful to have served our community for over ten years, and watched our children grow.

Many parents left their Twice the Fun memories in the comments section. This decision was extremely difficult to make, and I'm sure these kind comments meant the world to the owners during that tough time.

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