The days of fretting over who will become class valedictorian are over in one community. Will others follow suit?

According to USA Today, one school in Ohio will no longer recognize a class valedictorian. Citing an unhealthy competitiveness among students, the honor will go by the wayside starting next school year.

Mason City Schools said in a statement "After a year-long study and focus groups with students, staff and families, MHS officials made the announcement as part of an effort to improve students’ mental wellness." Tracey Carson, a district spokeswoman spoke of how kids were spending summers working to boost their GPA, when they felt students should take the time to explore other endeavors. "Kids were using their summers, using time during the year to stack themselves up with even more classes."

While Mason City isn't the first, it has stirred a debate already heated throughout American schools. So far, public schools in New Hampshire haven't adopted the practice.



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