REAL TALK: If I was a contestant on "The Voice" this season I would be super torn about who's team I would want to be on! The coach line up is straight fire (as the kids say!) I absolutely love the brother/sister rivalry between Kelly and Blake. Kelly has filled Adam Levine's shoes and is now Blake's new rival and biggest competition. It is so entertaining to watch them bicker and take jabs at one another. With that being said, I think I would be perfectly happy being on either Team Kelly or Team Blake. They both have had unbelievable careers and have managed to remain grounded and humble human beings.

When you are actually a contestant on The Voice, and not just sitting on your coach dreaming about it, I imagine your only hope and prayer is that SOME ONE will turn their chair around! It really doesn't matter who! Luckily that happened for Exeter, New Hampshire, Native Parker McKay on Episode 6 of  'The Voice' this season. Parker performed a stunning rendition of "Slow Hands" by Niall Horan and it got Kelly Clarkson's attention!

The other judges seemed to really be enjoying the performance too but Kelly was the only one with room left on her team

As you can hear in the video, Parker shares with Kelly that she recently lost her mom and that this opportunity means so much to her. WOW!

Parker, I am sure your mom is looking down on you and beaming with pride! You seem like an unbelievably strong and talented woman and we are absolutely rooting for you here in the Granite State.

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