We love when country artists visit our neck of the woods! It is always fun to see how they spend their free time. Where do they eat? What activities do they engage in? What land marks do they visit? Michael Ray put on an amazing show at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom last night and I had a really great time watching his Instagram story leading up to his performance. He was really embracing the Hampton Beach way of life.

First of all he had a pre show meal at Bernie's Beach Bar which is a premiere spot on Ocean Blvd. I know he ate there because I ate there before the show and our waitress told us she just waited on him an hour before we came in. I can only hope he indulged in the Lobster Rangoons because they are a treasure.

He posted a selfie video on his Instagram story of him riding down Ocean Blvd in one of those single surreys with a roof. I would guess he rented it from Ocean Cycles and Beach rentals on Ashworth Ave but that has yet to be confirmed. The American flag was proudly blowing in the breeze and he accompanied the video with "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood. A fine choice, Michael!

Once he arrived at the HBCB he got a little history lesson in those who have taken the Casino stage before him. It is a pretty impressive list including Louie Armstrong, Phish, U2, Godsmack and many more. He was particularly impressed that you could see U2 perform in 1981 for just $6.50. WHAT A BARGAIN!

@michaelraymusic via Instagram

I think it's safe to say Michael enjoyed his time in New Hampshire and the people he met here. Can you blame him? I mean, we're pretty cool.


Come back soon, Michael! We loved having you in the Granite State!

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