Maren Morris is headlining at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion on July 9. She has had to reschedule this show so many times due to Covid, and our girl is finally able to hit the road with her Humble Quest tour. She is PUMPED!

The last time she was at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion was in 2016 when she opened for Keith Urban. It was a scorching hot day that she remembers vividly.

As many artists do, Maren absolutely loved performing at that venue. She said it felt like the movie "What About Bob", and compared it to being at summer camp. She remembers staying up late with her band and crew and making s'mores by a campfire after the show.

Logan and I wanted to play the new game that is taking TikTok by storm, "He's a 10", with Maren.

She had never heard of it, but she caught on quick.

We learned that she will not tolerate foot fungus in a mate, nor will she tolerate a man who hates country music (makes sense to me). It also came out that her husband, Ryan Hurd, started giving her foot rubs while she was pregnant and the trend has continued two years later. BLESS HIM!

Here's the full interview if you want to take a listen:

Tickets are still available for Maren's upcoming show. Grab yours today here!

Thanks for coming on the air with us, Maren. We can't wait to see you in the flesh in a few short weeks!

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