I haven't actually flown anywhere yet, but judging by the Facebook posts I've seen lately, a lot of people are back in the air.  So, is it safe?

Well, Logan International Airport will start offering Covid-19 testing in November.

According to Boston.com, there will be an  XpresCheck COVID-19 testing facility within Terminal E, which is the terminal for international travel.  This company has already put in testing at JFK and Newark airports.

About 400 people per day will be able to be tested, either before flying or once they land.

So, is this free? Well, unfortunately the answer to that is no.  According to Boston.com, there will be three options of tests you can take ranging from $75 to $200.  They do say that you will be able to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The thing that I found most interesting about this is that Xpress Spa used to do massages and pedicures, but now has pivoted to Covid testing!

Doug Satzman, CEO of XpressCheck Testing tells the NY Times that the spa business was deemed unessential and he was feeling pretty hopeless on what to do with their business.

Satzman says that after his chairman of the board suggested the idea, they immediately hired medical staff.

The coronavirus test that they offer can produce results in minutes, which can save you from having to quarantine when you get to or from your destination.

Sounds like a good option if you're thinking of traveling again!


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