I drive by the West End Yards facility on Route 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on a daily basis when headed to or from the traffic circle on Route 1.

Daily, my blood boils when cars are turned, blocking the intersection, even though their light already turned from green to red.

It infuriates me. And this particular example probably has your blood boiling about an intersection near you.

This intersection, for me, can easily take a good day and flip it upside down. Over and over and over again, the same thing happens. The intersection, partially because of the traffic circle and partially because of people continuing to turn while the intersection is already full, is a nightmare. It needs fixing – immediately. I am not sure if it is a timing issue with the traffic lights, or perhaps Route 1 near the traffic circle in Portsmouth needs to be two lanes.

I figured this was not the only intersection in the state that was poorly managed and executed, so I asked the people of New Hampshire where their angry intersection was. The intersection that drives you bonkers every time you are forced to drive through it, because often times, they're critical in order to get to your destination.

The responses I got were incredible, relatable, and hilarious. I was very quickly reminded that I am not alone in this frustration. In addition, I was reminded about dozens of other annoying intersections in the state.

Let's take a look at some intersections in the state that need immediate attention and fixing.

These Are the 14 Worst Intersections in New Hampshire

Below are the absolute worst intersections that should be avoided at all cost, and fixed at any cost, in New Hampshire. 

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