It looks like the threat level regarding Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been raised to high following the confirmation of an infected horse in Northwood.

WMUR reports that the threat level has been raised from moderate to high following the confirmation of the potentially deadly disease carried by mosquitos in the horse.

The illness might start like a flu but can rapidly progress and cause serious neurological symptoms and progress quickly.  A Massachusetts woman recently died of EEE.

Take care when being outdoors, especially at dusk and dawn.  Wear long sleeves and pants.

According to WMUR, make sure you use an insect repellent if you absolutely must be outdoors during peak mosquito hours. The focus in recent years has been on tick-borne illnesses but it’s time to remember that mosquitos are the world’s deadliest creature.

The greatest military commander of all time was brought down by a single mosquito.  You might remember his name:  Alexander the Great.

Let’s be smart and careful out there.  The chances are rare, but we must take caution.

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