If you're a medical professional you probably want to skip this right now and go read something else.

For those of you who are still with me, imagine taking something that is one hundred percent sugar, wrapping it in doughy, starchy carbohydrates and then deep frying the whole concoction.

I have to admit I was somewhat horrified to read about deep fried candy corn in the Huffington Post. But then if you let it sit for a minute you can't help but be drawn to the flavors such a mysterious combination might produce. I'd be interested in what a dietitian or a doctor might have for a professional opinion of deep fried candy corn.

Perhaps we should fry up a batch right here in Studio Big. Do you know of any other crazy food combinations that we should deep fry? It might be hard to beat this one. Make sure you take a look at the author's name. It is is Amy Erickson, and suddenly this all makes perfect sense.

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