Heading into mid August, the last little bit of snow can be found in the Tuckerman Ravine area.

Here in the Granite State, this July was one of the hottest on record. Temps surged near triple digits multiple times, and the heat index was above the one hundred degree mark. Ice was one of the biggest sellers in the state, and even that had an especially short shelf life, obviously.

Since the page flipped to August, we've started to feel the cool-down during certain mornings. While the Boys of Summer are presently in full meltdown mode, the Boys of Fall have started to retake the headlines. You can be sure pumpkin spiced everything will be the norm within a few weeks, and the fair circuit will be in full song. Before you know it, the first snowfall will be on our doorstep.

Pump the brakes...PUMP. THE. BRAAAKES

Before we start this years round, there is actually some leftover snow from 2018-19. WMUR News 9 reported on it around the Tuckerman Ravine area. Talk about stubborn snow!

So, between this, and Christmas decorations in stores, who's ready for winter!???

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