There's no food like Italian food.  Am I right, or am I right?  Now that we agree on that, let's chat about Miss Angelina's Calzones, with the original recipe made by Julie Gagne.  These delectable delights are an OG classic that have been missing in the Portsmouth foodie scene.  The sauce, meatballs, and dough are enough to make you think you're in Italy!

Look at this incredible focaccia bread with provolone, Italian cold cuts, tomato, and hots.

The menu looks about as authentic as it gets, with whipped ricotta, fruit preserves, and warm maple syrup for something sweet.  How about some mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto, balsamic, roasted vegetables, provolone, or mascarpone banana bread?

A French Toast board will be available on Saturdays, and pastries will change daily.

DeStefano's Market will be your favorite new pickup spot for food. Located at the old Stop N Go, and formerly the Middle Street Market, DeStefano's promises to continue the local market tradition with an Italian flare, according to a Facebook post.

Just when you thought neighborhood markets were a thing of the past, this Middle Street owner is bringing back the community which thrives around a local food market.  It's what makes a city like Portsmouth so charming.

Rebecca Bernier and her team are looking for team players to work at the market, so if you're interested, go to the DeStefano's Market Facebook Page.  The opening will be very soon.

Welcome to Portsmouth, DeStefano's Market. Buon Cibo!

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