Is it a Bobcat or a Mountain Lion?  The Controversy Continues

To be honest, I would not know the difference between a Bobcat and a Mountain Lion. Both would freak me out, so I hope I don’t run into either of them.

Apparently, there is a long-running controversy about whether the Mountain Lion is really gone from our area.

According to Fish and Game, they haven’t been around our area since the late 1800s.  But despite that, several sightings are reported each year.

One of the latest sightings

Lindsay Holden of Chichester believes she knows what she saw, and it was a mountain lion, according to concordmonitor.com.

Holden shared news of the sighting on her Facebook saying “I know the controversy, but definitely saw one, from behind, with a long, thick tail this morning at the edge of my field heading into the woods.  Certainly not a bobcat (had one of those here last summer). A clear view of him.”

Sighting Are Up

Pat Tate, a wildlife biologist with New Hampshire Fish and Game, tells concordmonitor.com, “there is a very low possibility of seeing them [mountain lions] in the Eastern States.  The most common species (seen) is the bobcat, and, people, in their eyes, say they see a mountain lion.”

There have been lots of sightings and even people submitting photos to Fish and Game but the photos always turn out to be bobcats.

I don’t know, I believe Lindsay Holden, and I hope there are more sightings in the area, just not my area.

There was a mountain lion that was hit by a car in Connecticut 10 years ago that had traveled here from the Western states in search of a mate so it’s not impossible.

Given that Mountain Lions are very large, like 70 to 80 pounds, and have claws I do not want to see one.  I have seen what my 6-pound cat has done to my favorite chairs with her claws.  Please someone get a picture?

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