It may not technically have been a castle but it was referred to as such even in it's heyday and the remaining ruins are fantastically creepy.


Visitors to the 488 acre Madame Sherri Forest in Chesterfield will find a number of walking trails and scenic views, but most come looking for the remnants of the "castle" that once stood at the site.


Madame Antoinette Sheri was an eccentric French born costume designer who entertained at the European style chateau, built in 1924. Chesterfield Outdoors reported "she became famous (or infamous) for the parties she threw for visitors from the city and was said to have driven about the town during the summer wearing a fur coat and nothing else."


Through the years, the home fell into disrepair and ultimately burned in 1962. What is left offers more to the imagination than an accurate look into the past.


Check out this virtual hike (which will hopefully inspire you to take an actual hike because, y'know, real life and stuff.


For additional details and directions to Madame Sherri Forest, visit The NH Division of Forests & Lands.

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