Brantley Gilbert, Tyler Farr, and Luke Combs rolled into Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion last Friday night and blew the roof off the place.

It started with a great performance from Luke Combs...a guy who picked up a guitar for the first time, five years ago. He dropped out of college his senior year just three credits shy of graduating to follow his country music dream. If his performance on Friday night is any indication...he made a good choice.

Tyler Farr is a genuine Southern gentleman. From the way he interacted with fans backstage; taking pictures and answering questions, to his smooth performance on stage...and the way I watched him engage with my 15 year-old son, Nick. Tyler Farr is definitely one of my favorite New Country artist.

But the cherry on top of the sundae had to be Brantley Gilbert. The self-proclaimed rough neck of Country music has softened...just a little that he has gotten married and is expecting his first baby in November. Gone are the really rowdy party days. Although he's still blissfully a little rough around the edges. And I can't imagine any of us would want him any other way.

Talking to Brantley on his tour bus, he told us about a hunting farm that he is building for veterans that are confined to wheel chairs. Unabashedly patriotic, he is very proud, and happy about what this means for helping wounded vets regain some of their old way of life.

Needless to say, the fans at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion welcomed him with open arms from his opening song until his last.

At one point, after a particularly pro American speech, the crowd chanted USA for a solid three minutes. He and the band soaked it in, and genuinely loved the interaction. And while he joked about how he never gets invited to the industry awards show because he's a little too certainly didn't matter to anyone in attendance Friday night. Everyone there certainly felt like a winner.

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