There are new alimony laws that went into effect on New Year's Day in New Hampshire.

According to a report from WMUR, the state's new alimony laws have changed in hopes that the new system will be less volatile.

The report says the alimony changes which are part of the Senate Bill 71, include a formula to determine how much alimony a person must give to the payee. Senate Bill 71 was passed last year.

According to the article, the amount of alimony will be set at up to 30 percent of the difference between the two parties' gross incomes at the time the order is created, unless the court finds that an adjustment is required.

The maximum duration of the alimony term can be up to half the length of the marriage, unless the payor reaches retirement age first.

Federal alimony statutes are also changing in the new year, with payments no longer being tax deductible and receipt of alimony no longer counting as taxable income.

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