When it comes to nostalgia-fueled locations, Yoken's Restaurant in Portsmouth is one that should stand out to most Granite Staters.

But even more so is the landmark sign that reads "Thar She Blows" "Yoken's: Good Things To Eat" along with a happy looking whale all surrounded by the vivid color and style of 1960s Las Vegas.

It's mesmerizing to look at and probably a great spot to take a picture for your local Instagram.

But while the restaurant has long since been gone, the sign still stands today. Though, that landmark could have nearly had the same fate and been lost to time.

Yoken's family restaurant and their famous sign went up in Portsmouth in 1947, according to a patch.com article. It seems the customers of the restaurant were loyal, but as the 90s turned into the 2000s, the clientele were mainly the regulars. This combined with the Macleod family wanting to retire led to it closing its doors in 2004.

Its unforgettable sign remained but could have disappeared as the original restaurant did.

Thankfully, the sign was eventually salvaged, repaired and brought back to its glory in 2015, WMUR reported, and is now at a plaza called "Yoken's Commons."

It's great the sign remains as a landmark piece of history even if the restaurant itself is long gone.

And, for some lucky people out there, they either have or have collected some items from Yoken's to add to those fond memories of the place.

These Items Will Give You Nostalgia for Yoken's Restaurant in Portsmouth

Take a look back at these Yoken's family restaurant items from a menu to the famous treasure chest and "Thar She Blows" whale sign.

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