Have you always wanted to be a contestant on American Idol but now the show is off the air and you feel like you missed your shot? Good news my friend. You can still knock the socks off a panel of judges with your majestic voice and you don't even need to buy a plane ticket to LA!

This weekend it is the 11th Season of Seacoast Idol! Hosted by Miss NH herself, Caroline Carter and Comic Mike Koutrobis.

Contestants range from 6 to 80 years of age and though it all seems like fun and games, there is a seriously great prize on the line for the winner. The winning contestant gets to produce one original song and music video at D Sharp International studio in Boston. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: The song will also be distributed to iTunes and Spotify!

Even if you are not a singer, this is an entertaining way to spend your Sunday! Doors open at 3pm. More details can be found on the Seacoast Idol Facebook page.

Good luck to all of our local talent! And just remember, the judges will be more polite than Simon Cowell :)

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