He might be known as social distancing champion of the world. Christopher Knight spent 27 years in solitude in an area of Central Maine. Known as the North Pond Hermit, Christopher Knight dropped out of society and made his home in the woods where he lived in complete solitude. Breaking into homes in the area, Knight stole food, books, and other items according to the Bangordailynews.com.

According to the bangordailynews.com Knight served 7 months in jail for some of the burglaries he committed but it is estimated that he committed more than 1000 break-ins for food and supplies during his time alone in the woods. Now available for streaming on Vimeo for free is the documentary created by French filmmaker Lena Friedrich. While she did not have access to Christopher Knight for her film, she did extensive interviews with the victims of his break-ins and locals in the area.

Friedrich says, “My film doesn’t contain any insight on how to make the best of social isolation, but it certainly gives some perspective.” She goes on further to say “You find that staying six feet apart from people for two months is difficult? Think about staying miles apart from everybody for 27 years.” It is certainly food for thought and if you have seen everything on Netflix, at least it’s something new to watch for free. I am going to be viewing it this weekend!


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