Scotland may have the famous Loch Ness monster, but Maine has "Cassie", the legendary sea monster that supposedly lurks in Casco Bay. The serpent sightings have been happening in Casco Bay as far back as 1779. In fact, Portlander Edward Preble saw the sea serpent back in the day. And as the "Father of the US Navy", I consider him a pretty good source. Who's not going to believe a navy commodore?


Loren Coleman, Veteran Cryptozoologist and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, spoke to NewsCenter in 2016 about Cassie, and shared some of his expertise. Coleman believes that Cassie is rarely seen, as she stays away from the dangerous shipping lanes. That seems plausible to us. I see Cassie as more like a giant snake than a giant squid. Maybe she's a scary combination of the two.  It must be a pretty good gig being a sea serpent in Casco Bay. Nice sights and plenty of free lobster!

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