Our Four-Legged Friends Could Use a Spa Day


While pandemic lockdown restrictions have been lifted for humans and we can all go out and get a haircut much easier than we could prior to the lockdown it’s time to take care of our best friends, our pets.  After being trapped with us for a year, they deserve a day at the spa too and La Pooch Dog Spa in Rochester, NH is back open and ready to take care of your pooch according to rochesternhnews.net.


Pet Adoption Explosion During Lockdown


The lockdown was good for one thing, increased pet adoptions.  If you adopted a new pet during the pandemic, maybe now is time to get that pooch groomed and feeling fancy.  I know my dogs could use a good haircut.  My English Cream Golden retriever Apollo probably has four trash bags worth of hair that needs to be brushed out of him.  I wrote yesterday about a dog that was rescued after falling in a septic tank.  Bet that dog could have used a good spa day.


Fear and Anxiety


Is your pup on the skittish side?  My daughter has a little dog that is very high on the anxiety scale.  He goes to a vet and groomer they know him well and that has decreased his anxiety.  The La Pooch owner and groomer Julianna is Fear Free Certified, which educates grooming professionals on how to deal with dogs that are skittish and full of anxiety to make they feel calm when being groomed according to reporting my rochesternhnews.net.   Located right here in Rochester on Wakefield Street where I live.  I wondered why there are so many good-looking pups walking around downtown Rochester.  They must have just had a spa day!  Check out La Pooch’s website at  lapoochspa.com for more information on treating your dogs like a king or queen.



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