One of the common sense rules in show business is to never mess with success. Evolve, but don't eradicate what brought you to the dance. So, imagine my shock when I read how Family Guy was killing off one of the show's characters.  I thought okay, a bit part, someone minor. But no! Brian Griffin, beloved Family Guy dog, was lost in a car accident. Brian was the logical center of the show, as voiced by creator Seth McFarlane, who I think is a brilliant talent.

You might question my taste in watching Family Guy. You may like it even less that I've watched it with my kids even when they were somewhat young for the show's content. The show is funny beyond words and we appreciate the edgy humor for what it is. My point is for Family Guy to take Brian from Stewie, is like Big Papi without Manny Ramirez or Mike Napoli. You don't break up the act! Whew!


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