If you Passed Mark Wahlberg in the Street You Wound Not Recognize Him


I have written before about Wahlberg’s dramatic weight change for an upcoming movie role by a recent picture of him in pagesix.com on set blew me away.  I would not have recognized him if I saw him out on the street.  In addition to his weight gain, he is wearing a fat suit and the change is shocking.  All in the name of art, I guess.


New Movie Role


Wahlberg has been putting together a project for the last six years that he really wanted to do.  It is the story of a real-life boxer who then became a priest known as “Father Stu” according to pagesix.com.  The story is based on Father Stuart Long who was from Helena, Montana.  It must be a fascinating story if Wahlberg was willing to gain so much weight for a role.


A 7000 Calorie a Day Diet


Wahlberg took on a 7000 calorie a day diet with the help of his personal chef, Lawrence Duran.  Dude, I could easily have coached him on how to down 7000 calories a day without even trying.  On the serious side, he is probably packing on those pounds in a healthy way that will allow him to get back to his normal super-charged physique easier after this movie role.  I would probably not survive a training session with the former Calvin Kline underwear model.  I am trying those ice-cold showers but so far, I have only lost 6 pounds.  I am looking forward to seeing the film.




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