Another day of scorching hot temperatures, and the City of Dover has set up a location for those struggling with the summer heat.

According to Fosters Daily Democrat, with a heat advisory once again in play, the City of Dover has opened a cooling center to ease the sting of this July weather. You can find the  cooling center in the McConnell Center cafeteria and will be open during regular hours, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. For the 4th, the center will be closed, due to the Independence Day holiday.

When heat build for days at a time, make sure to check in frequently with elderly relatives and friends. Wearing light colored clothing is recommended, and of course, hydrate...and hydrate some more.


Even if you hydrate and find yourself feeling okay, consider your pet. Make sure pets have plenty of water to drink and are not left unattended in vehicles, where the temperature can reach 120 degrees quickly.

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