Wow.  Dover city officials presented their plans for a new skate park last Thursday night and it's mind-blowing.

According to, the plans for the new skate park would be located next to the softball field parking lot at Guppey Park.

It’s going to take a lot of work and money but it’s going to be so worth it.  I live in Rochester, and when I moved into my apartment I heard and saw a lot of skateboarders in the area.  I lived in Southern California for a few years and I’ve got to tell you, I see more skateboarders here than I did in Cali.

The members of the Dover Skatepark Design Committee are working with an Arizona-based skatepark designer Brad Siedlecki of Pillar Design Studios, according to

I did not know that was even a job you could have.  Skatepark designer.

No estimate on what the total cost of the new skatepark would cost but the news outlet reports that $220,000 has already been approved and there is more in the city capital improvement budget that could be allocated.  There are also some private donors that are interested in helping get this project off the ground.

Recreation Director Gary Bannon tells “I hope you understand that the city believes that the skatepark and skateboarding… are vital activities and we want to keep them in town.”

I think this would be such an excellent way to keep young kids away from video games.  Get them outside and involved with outside activities.  I love to watch those kids perform magic on those boards, I just wish I could ride one and not fall on my… backside.

I think a really cool skatepark could be an entertainment draw for Dover.  Skate on!

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