If you're near a major highway, prepare to wait even longer.

We've all been in a hurry, slammed through our order at warp speed, rolled 7 feet ahead, and just...sat. 5 minutes later, we're still waiting for our rapidly heated fast food, and there's still two SUV's to go before we get there. Life at the drive-thru seems like it's taking longer this year, and it's not just you. More and more people are lining up at New Hampshire restaurants, and it's causing longer wait times for fast food.

According to the OC Register, fast food restaurants are being built to serve more vehicles, as many as 30 or 40 at a time. Been in a Dunkin line 15 or 20 deep? That's become the norm for many chains.

The reason for the recent uptick is lifestyle change, as consumers continue to shift their habits to more of an on the go model. McDonald’s franchisee Todd Horner, who's family owns more than 30 locations told the OC Register, “The majority of the restaurants are 60-70 percent drive-thru. “Ones that are closer to the freeways tend to be a little bit higher.” Chains are responding to demand by building new restaurants with every efficiency they can devise, including layout and ordering technology.

According to QSR Magazine, the fastest drive-thru's in America are Arby's and Burger King.




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