Even in the world of hybrid learning, there are some challenges.  A Portsmouth High School student has tested positive for COVID-19 according to seacoastonline.com.  The school closed on Wednesday to allow for contact tracing.  New Hampshire has been very good about keeping positive cases down in the state.  It appears the strategy of early action is working.  In this case, a positive student was identified, and the school closed on Wednesday so they can find everyone that the student had close contact with and what areas that student was in could be identified.

While every case of COVID contracted in our area is disheartening, it's good to know that the schools are taking swift action.  The superintendent Steve Zadravec sent a message to student’s families saying, “As a precautionary measure while we complete contact tracing, students who would typically come to the high school on Wednesdays will stay home and access remote learning today,” according to seacoastonline.com. This is the first case out of Portsmouth High School according to the news outlet.  Other Portsmouth public schools went on with learning as usual Wednesday.


I know some will be a bit freaked out with a positive test at one of our local schools, but I think the important takeaway is the case was quickly identified and that makes the ability to contact trace so much easier.  This will prevent a widespread outbreak.  Kudos to the school district for taking quick action.  The superintendent is expected to update families shortly.  I guess this is our new normal.



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