It wasn't just the Celtics who seemed a bit shaky this week.

A year after a series of bizarre earthquakes struck both New Hampshire and Maine, the Granite State made another unexpected appearance on the Richter Scale.

According to WMUR, a 2.9 magnitude earthquake was felt in Center Sandwich just before 10 on Tuesday morning. At first, residents thought it may have been due to some nearby machinery, but the rumble was later confirmed as a quake.

It was also reported by residents in Meredith, Thornton, and Moultonborough. On Sunday, an earthquake which emanated in New York was felt in Walpole, New Hampshire, and in Vermont.

Still, 2.9 is far from the record for biggest quakes in New Hampshire. Two 5.6 earthquakes struck within the same bizarre four-day span, with one startling residents on Christmas Eve. Some even reported feeling over 100 aftershocks well into the New Year, and the event remains unsolved.

A mysterious boom also struck the town of Danville (home of the infamous – and still uncaptured– Devil Monkey) exactly a year ago.

Maine, meanwhile, experienced five earthquakes in December 2022, and 27 overall for the year.

So, with all this earthquake activity, it’s best to be prepared. Here’s a few items you could put in your New England Earthquake Survival Kit:

  • A drum of Dunkin' hot coffee
  • Two drums of Dunkin' iced coffee
  • A keg of Sam Adams

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